Taking Steps to Stop Foreclosure

No one wants to lose his or her home. Whether your creditors are threatening bankruptcy or you have received a foreclosure notice, you want an experienced attorney who can help you protect your home today and come up with a long-term plan.

At the Bankruptcy Law Office of Jonathan Brown locations, we help clients who seek to stop foreclosure. Exploring all your options, we can help you come up with a plan to keep your home.

Give us a call today to schedule a time to talk about your specific situation. From offices in Noblesville and Greenwood, our lawyers serve clients in the Indianapolis area and throughout Central Indiana.

How Can You Keep Your House?

People may make threats about you losing your house, but, until the mortgage company has initiated a bank foreclosure lawsuit, you have nothing to worry about. However, once you have received a home foreclosure notice, you want to take immediate action. Filing for bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure in its tracks, even in the hours just before the sheriff's sale.

Once you have filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, there is still a long process ahead. We will be honest and forthright about the challenges you face and the options you have available. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option for foreclosure prevention, as it provides long-term stability as well. If you are behind on your mortgage, it will allow you to make monthly payments to your trustee.

We are able to help you at any part of the process, but the earlier you contact us, the more we can do for you. While waiting to the last minute is not the best idea, we can handle emergencies. We can get a bankruptcy petition ready to go fast in order to stop foreclosure immediately. Filing for bankruptcy can also help you with the following:

  • Creditor harassment prevention
  • Wage garnishment prevention
  • Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

Get a Bankruptcy Lawyer on Your Side

You can stop foreclosure, and you can save your house. You have questions about the process, but we are here to provide you with answers. With offices in Noblesville and Greenwood, we help clients across Central Indiana save their homes. Call 317-565-4829 to reach Noblesville or 317-565-1364 to reach the Greenwood office or contact us online today for a free initial consultation.

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