Seeking Loan Modification to Keep Your House

As foreclosures rise and the housing crisis continues, people are still looking for ways to save their homes. If you are having financial problems you may want to consider a home loan modification as an option.

Throughout Indiana, when people need advice about their legal options concerning their finances, they turn to the Bankruptcy Law Office of Jonathan Brown. We are adept at helping clients explore options and make sound decisions.

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What Are You Options When Dealing With Your Lender?

Although our firm does not handle home loan modifications, we can tell you if this is an avenue you should pursue on your own. We can educate you concerning how to contact your mortgage lender and trying to renegotiate the terms of your mortgage. You may be able to adjust the interest rate, the payment schedule or the life of the loan, or even execute a new mortgage agreement.

Although the likelihood of success is not high, it is always worth a try. Lenders are notorious for giving people the run around and making people submit the same documents over and over again. However, if you do succeed, it can relieve some of your financial burden and allow you to remain in your house.

Alternatively, sometimes Chapter 13 is a good option to restructure your debt, and this can allow for lien stripping, where you can strip down the loan to the actual value of your home. Our lawyers can help you see if you qualify for this or any other bankruptcy filing.

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